GnoTime: Keep your projects under "timing control".

TODO list / diary / journal tool

GnoTime Screenshots

The main window screen, showing all-time and daily totals:

The same main window screen, but with additional columns enabled to show project status. Note the new notes-taking area at the bottom of the screen.

The inactivity popup dialog, which triggers when the keyboard and mouse has been idle some period of time. Note how this allows a project to be credited with an adjustable amount of time. Being able to adjust the time credited directly, without having to fuss with menus and GUI dialogs is a very handy feature when you are distracted by interruptions.

The dialog box for specifying project-planning status. The use of this dialog is optional, but can be useful for ranking the importance and urgency of to-do list items. Note the distinction between importance and urgency: An important task is one that must be done, sooner or later. An urgent task should be done as soon as possible.

Below is a view of the time report, as viewed by the built-in HTML viewer. Because this report is just plain HTML, it can be saved to a file, emailed, or posted to a web site. Here's the same report, as a web page.

Here are some other reports that GnoTime can generate:

  • Here's the 'Journal' report, a view of the same data, presented in a blog-like diary format.
  • Here's an example invoice based on the same data (actually, a bit more data to make a better example).
  • Here's the same data, presented as a Daily Activity Report.
  • A Status Report, showing a list of projects, and a writeup of the status of each. Yes, this status report just happens, quite by accident, to be reporting the status of some future GnoTime features.
  • Here's the same status report, presented with the To-Do Report.

All of the above reports are generated from report templates written in HTML, with embeded markup to display the various bits of data. This means that if you are knowledgable in HTML you can readily modify these report templates, and design your own reports. In particular, if you hate these colors and style, you can change them as you wish.

When you view these reports natively in GnoTime, each of the entries shows up as a hyper-link. You can click on each link to bring up a menu, and then, from the menu, edit, add or cut-n-paste entires. For example, individual time intervals may be modified.

Per-project billing rates can be specified ...

As well as how an individual task should be billed.

Works on Apple Mac OSX too

Well, sort of. Here's a screenshot under Macintosh OSX Fink; unfortunately, this port was never finished/published.