GnoTime: Keep your projects under "timing control".

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GnoTime - The Gnome Time Tracker (GTT)

GnoTime is currently written mostly in C and a little bit of Scheme. C is used to implement all of the core functions, whereas Scheme is used to generate the HTML reports. The Scheme/HTML combo was chosen in order to make it easy to customize reports, while allowing the result to be easily viewed in a browser, sent by email, etc. The GUI system is all in Gnome, using the Glade interface designer. The file format is in XML, following current trends. There are some interesting directions one could play with. For example, rather than creating reports with embedded Scheme, one could try to use GnoTime's XML data format as a mirror of its internal state, and then use DOM to extract various parts out of it, and thus build reports that way.

Technology/Features Roadmap