GnoTime: Keep your projects under "timing control".

TODO list / diary / journal tool

Similar/Different Projects

Gournal, Note-taking tablet application. A paper-like interface allows you to hand-write notes. This is a gnome app (actually, gtk2/perl).

Jarnal, a Java-based note-taking tablet app.

QBall's GToDo is a simple Gnome2 to-do list application.

Quozl's GFocusTimer tracks which windows your mouse is in.

GTimer, an older gtk-1.2 timer application.

KArm is a simple KDE/Qt-based time-tracker. See also this website.

PTT another KDE-based time tracker.

Titrax is a very old (early/mid 90's) X-Windows time tracking tool. This is a nice historical snapshot providing a glimpse of the way things used to be in the Unix world back then.

LinuxLinks provides a huge list of Linux timer software.

Journyx, an up-scale, commercial web-based time tracking and billing tool.